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《L的邀请函》 - 满30岁生日邀请函怎么写ある日、あなたは世界的なアーティスト「L」のアトリエに招かれた。集まったのは、耳の聞こえない「ろう者」と、聞こえる「聴者」。Lの財産を手に入れるため、協力して謎 详情


Regarding: Name of visitor(s), their date of birth, nationalityI am writing to confirm that (name of visitor(s)) is my (friend, father, mother, grandparent) and I would like to invite him/her/them to visit me in (city name) from (date) until (date). The purpose of their visit is (for a short holiday/to attend my graduation ceremony). I a student at the (university name). I have enclosed a letter which confirms that I am studying (course title). I am due to complete my course in (month/year) and will then graduate in (mid July/mid December) 0 B' W. Z, u% _/ D" P$ h# m& I & B) q( B" e8 U" D( e(如果被邀请人在英期间的费用是由邀请人承担, 那就要加上下面这段) I confirm that I am fully funded by (self funded/my parents/name of sponsor) and I receive (�0�5**** each month/year). I have enclosed evidence (you will need to include your three months original bank statements/if you have a sponsor then also evidence to confirm this) of this and wish to state that I will be supporting (name of visitor(s)) during their stay in the UK. $ ]5 r. f( {: L/ }+ g" b(如果被邀请人在英国期间的住宿由邀请人负责, 那就要加上下面这段) & v N' t6 O) ]# r/ ]# w+ n* D8 MI confirm that (name of visitor(s)) will be staying with me at my house in (city name) during their stay. I have enclosed evidence of my accommodation (you will need to include your contract and letter from landlord/agent) and my address is:Write down your address 如果被邀请人在英国期间住宾馆或者单独租房, 则要在上述那段写明并且提供预定确认信或者租房合同作为证明) * l& {; S3 Z( E+ @: w5 x9 oI would be very grateful if you would approve request for a UK visa so that(he/she/they) can visit me. I hope the necessary visa arrangements can be made as soon as possible. Please find enclosed the following evidence: 1, Letter from university confirming my registration. 2, A copy of my passport and current student visa , }0 o% k/ ]9 b# ?5 B, r3, A copy of my Police Registration Certificate 1 R- ^" |- d' p6 @6 W& ]5 ~) F4, My financial evidence (如果在英费用由邀请人提供) 5, Evidence of my accommodation (如果需要为其提供住宿) 6 @2 ^+ I. c( g. t$ e5 k$ d+ QYours faithfully (Signature) ! c( d7 G6 t8 A U0 h5 I. {9 C- j" f6 ~( d+ x- v" l9 a(Print name, student ID number) (Address)



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